Dr. Nomi and his hygiene staff utilize a “Perioscope”.  This is a very small endoscope which is placed underneath the gum tissues while “deep cleaning” is being performed.  This allows us to “see” below the gum tissues.  It is easy to understand how this would be a significant advantage in obtaining excellent clinical results.  Periodontal health is completely dependent upon having the root surfaces completely free from plaque and calculus (mineralized plaque).  Perioscopy is generally only done at a periodontist’s office.  However, our hygienist have been well trained in this difficult procedure.  In fact, Judi, RDH has over 10 years of experience using this high technology instrument.  Judi was trained by a periodontist and work there for 8 years using the Perioscope.  The use of this instrument helps patients avoid expensive, time consuming and uncomfortable periodontal surgery.  All of the periodontists we refer to also use this instrument.  However, very few general dentists have this technology.